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Chapter 79 Get Out

  • Lin Hanshi was furious when he realized she was still smiling.
  • “Baiqi! Get out now – I think Shang Qing is not going to repent for as long as you are around. She’s so immature, so her uncle here has to teach her a thing or two!”
  • Shang Baiqi looked worriedly at Shang Qing, but Shang Qing was also getting angry and wanted Shang Baiqi to go out too.
  • She couldn’t stand watching her father suffer this sort of humiliation any longer. This humiliation was not just directed at Shang Baiqi, but at the entire Shang family!
  • “You’re still sitting here?!”
  • Lin Hanshi used his commanding voice as if he was of a higher position than others, and Shang Baiqi had no choice but to go out. The moment he walked out, the faces of the Lin family members that looked ‘friendly’ earlier immediately changed.
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