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Chapter 202 Everything I Said Is True

  • These were words from the Princess of Wales, and she was in her sixties. Even though she was advanced in age, her smile was still elegant and beautiful, and she said very warmly to Shang Qing, “I like you very much, so when you get married, remember to invite me.”
  • Shang Qing smiled and replied, “I will definitely remember to invite you.”
  • They received many well wishes and were finally able to leave the banquet hall after more than ten minutes. Their plan that night had been very successful.
  • The best way to cover up any speculations was to create an even bigger topic to speculate on. Was there any gossip news bigger than Feng Kaize’s love life? Feng Kaize’s love life had been zero all this while after all!
  • “Phew…” Shang Qing quietly breathed a sigh of relief. It was so hard to be a crazily devoted woman, and she had no idea how she had lasted through the past twenty years.
  • But unlike her, Feng Kaize’s good mood was about to overflow soon!
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