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Chapter 120 Someone’s Here to Find Trouble

  • “Did you guys notice… Shang Qing seems to be very different now? She used to just be introverted and didn’t like talking, but if we asked her anything she would reply nicely. But now… gosh I don’t even dare to go anywhere near her…”
  • Shang Qing could hear the whispering behind her but she kept a cold face on and pretended she didn’t hear anything.
  • “But Shang Qing has really become a lot prettier. When she came yesterday, I thought she was a transfer student, but she turned out to be Shang Qing! Yesterday a lot of guys came running over to hear about her, and I heard someone will be waiting for her later downstairs… I heard it’s the most handsome boy from the Fine Arts department, he apparently fell in love with her at first sight…”
  • Shang Qing gripped her pen harder and told herself to go out from another door later!
  • In the midst of all this whispering, the bell rang and a loud voice came through the door even before the professor had left, and was obviously looking for trouble, “Which one of you is Shang Qing? Come out now!”
  • Shang Qing blinked when she heard this. She looked over and found this girl familiar. Upon closer look, she realized it was one of the girls who followed Yue Mengru around. Her name was Han Juan, and more notably, Yue Mengru was her senior from the Dance department.
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