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Chapter 114 Bringing up the Deal Again

  • Sikong Jin immediately thought that Shang Qing was talking about Feng Kaize, but he thought it was impossible since there was nothing that Shang Qing could do while the Fengs couldn’t. He looked happier now, because as long as it wasn’t about Feng Kaize, he was more than happy to answer her.
  • “That would depend on whether this person is worth it or not.” Sikong Jin’s eyes were already fairly cold to begin with, but once he opened his thin lips, it made one feel that this man was very coldblooded.
  • “Even though he had been pushed into a dead end because of you, it wasn’t as if you wanted him to do this in the first place. Some people want to abuse others, and some people want to be abused. Also, if it’s very troublesome to save this person, then you definitely have to consider his worth.”
  • Shang Qing nodded in agreement, “Indeed, his worth.”
  • Earlier she had been completely enthralled because Feng Kaize had wooed her with such passion and her heart had wavered, causing her to lose part of her original intent. But now after that little bit of emotion had been shattered to pieces, her heart had become even more determined than ever and she could see her current situation very clearly now.
  • She had never dared to show anybody what she was truly capable of because she didn’t have anyone to support her. Once she showed her abilities, she would end up the same way as her previous life. Sikong Jin’s power within China was quite sufficient, but was lacking just a little.
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