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Chapter 150 An Enemy Leaves the Country

  • He watched as Shang Qing slept soundly as if she had just been knocked out. This was an outward sign of how much she trusted him. If she could sleep so soundly next to a person with a dangerously contagious disease, it could only mean that she trusted him completely.
  • “I really... lose to you,” Feng Kaize pinched Shang Qing’s nose gently and looked like he was living blissfully now.
  • If he didn’t face the possible threat of dying, this moment should have been one of bliss.
  • Feng Kaize’s will to live intensified once again because of her and nothing else. He… couldn’t bear to die either.
  • He then left a kiss between Shang Qing’s eyebrows, like he was worshipping a goddess.
  • This side was warm and sweet, while the other side was brewing a storm.
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