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Chapter 214 Drive Him to His Death

  • The mess of thoughts inside his mind were a tangled mess like ball of string, but he had slowly made his way to the front.
  • “Uncle Wan!” Shang Qianqian’s voice had gone hoarse from crying and didn’t look like she was putting on an act. Wan Hong couldn’t help but wonder if Shang Qianqian was really an innocent party who had been dragged into this by him.
  • But how could it be such a coincidence? Wan Hong laughed coldly in his heart. No matter how angry or tired he felt, he couldn’t let any of it show.
  • “I’m here, so you can deal directly with me. Why make things difficult for a young lady?” Now that the star was here, everyone quietened down. The police and reporters weren’t part of this matter at all, and they were merely bystanders.
  • Shang Qianqian wanted to say something else but Zhao Yong covered her mouth.
  • Zhao Yong had waited for quite a long time, and when he saw that Wan Hong had finally come, this man standing at six feet tall actually started bawling! His face was covered with rain and tears as his body trembled slightly under the strong wind and the bridge lights. Compared to Wan Hong’s somewhat unfeeling gaze, he actually looked more pitiful.
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