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Chapter 103 A Lost Cause

  • Uriket did have a team of men with him. He had come to Mount Fujin because the mountain was actually empty inside, and he had hidden resources inside that could help him start over.
  • Even if Feng Kaize brought a lot of people along, he wasn’t afraid! If Feng Kaize really only brought four, then he’d just die more quickly.
  • In the end however, the news he got was that Feng Kaize didn’t redirect any of his weaponry, and the trucks had reached the area of conflict already! What did that mean? That meant that Feng Kaize didn’t care about Shang Qing at all, and didn’t intend to come!
  • Damn it! He should have known – a woman wouldn’t have been enough for Feng Kaize to come here to die! So why should he keep her around?
  • “Bring that woman here!”
  • Shang Qing was trying to find a chance to escape while this was happening. She had been locked up in a wooden hut, so she found a plank that seemed looser and started digging the soil around it. Once she could feel the other end of the plank, she exerted some strength and broke the wooden plank. Then a hole appeared.
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