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Chapter 192 Stroke of Luck

  • The impact of the explosives wouldn’t be too severe, or at least it wouldn’t injure everyone in the hall.
  • Besides, both of them were wearing protective vests.
  • But if she went over, then it was a different matter altogether. What if Wan Shaolun had explosives on himself and wanted to drag Qingqing down to die with him?
  • Wan Shaolun saw Shang Qing hesitating and removed his jacket.
  • “Don’t worry, there’s nothing on me, not even a gun. Come over, I just want to talk to you.”
  • He looked just like back then when he was confident of winning. He curled his lips and laughed, “Didn’t you say you were interested in the K virus? Then don’t you want to know how I managed to pass through that experiment lab without getting infected?”
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