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Chapter 66 Giving Treatment with Great Fanfare

  • Shang Qing’s expression remained dark.
  • If it wasn’t for Wan Shaolun, she would have crushed Lin Yishu and Shang Qianqian with one blow. Her revenge plan would have been successful, and she could think about the future later.
  • But Wan Shaolun had to appear and used all sorts of underhand methods to cover up Shang Qianqian’s shame and found a scapegoat for Lin Yishu. Now that they had gotten away unscathed and were now on guard against her, it would be harder for her to attack them now.
  • But when she thought about it from another angle, if she could hit them once, she could hit them a second time. There was plenty of time anyway, so she could take…her…time!
  • With this change in her thoughts, she calmly directed her words at Lin Yishu, “Whether it was a false accusation or a case of a thief calling out another thief, only Auntie knows.”
  • Her calm words made the awkward family reunion even more awkward.
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