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Chapter 143 Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong

  • Shang Qing didn’t want to make a scene since they were in school, and this assignment had a greater meaning than being merely a school project, so it was sufficient to just push Shang Qianqian enough for her to back off, since blowing up the matter would do Shang Qianqian no good either. Of course, she didn’t want Shang Qianqian to be embarrassed also because she didn’t want to make life difficult for Shang Baiqi.
  • But Shang Qianqian refused to back off, and even called Lin Yishu over and was also trying to use Shang Baiqi to pressurize her, so she wasn’t going to let Shang Qianqian off easy over this!
  • “Qingqing, can we talk at home?!” Shang Baiqi quickly said this when he saw a cold smile on Shang Qing’s face and started having a bad feeling about this.
  • If Qingqing exposed how her younger sister had stolen something from her in front of everybody, that would bring great shame to the Shang family!
  • Shang Qing saw that he was put in a spot and she snorted lightly. She had given in so many times before and she had been very considerate towards Shang Baiqi already. But Shang Qianqian never learnt her lesson, so he couldn’t blame her for doing this.
  • “Why should I go home? Are you forcing me to back off? Dad, you’d better be very clear on what’s happening here. All this while I’ve been giving Shang Qianqian many chances, so now if I do anything, Shang Qianqian deserves it! I’m just protecting my own benefit.”
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