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Chapter 189 Coercion

  • Was he really going to die this time? Even if he didn’t die from the K virus, was he destined to still die anyway?
  • “How much time do I have?” Wan Shaolun’s voice was very calm and the other side found it strange, but replied him anyway, “About two hours. The police will come looking for you the moment they get the arrest warrant…”
  • “I’ll give you my three story bungalow in Shangjing City, do me a favor.”
  • The other party wanted to refuse, because telling Wan Shaolun something like that was already doing him a big favor. But he couldn’t resist when he thought about how much a three story bungalow in Shangjing City would be worth.
  • He stammered and said, “If it’s too hard…my position might not be able to get it done.”
  • “Not difficult.” Wan Shaolun suddenly had a smile on his face as if his burdens had been lifted. The dark expression on his face had suddenly vanished.
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