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Chapter 194 Let’s Face It Together

  • “Are you not scared of me at all? I mean, the way those people reacted today was normal, but you’ve never reacted that way before. Are you really not afraid of me?”
  • Shang Qing looked down at Feng Kaize and felt that he asked a very strange question.
  • She could understand that he had been agitated by those people earlier, but what had that got to do with her? She had been saved by him twice, and she had escaped the fate of the K virus twice because of him. So what right did she have to be afraid of him or keep her distance from him?
  • Moreover, for most people, if they had gotten the K virus because of someone else, they would develop negative feelings towards that person while going through the pain, and would even want to drag the other person down to die together with him.
  • But Feng Kaize had never behaved like that. He had treated her well all this time, and never blamed her because he was ill. So why did he think that she would be afraid of him or keep her distance?
  • She couldn’t understand where he was coming from, so Shang Qing just decided to kiss him. In such circumstances, nothing was as reassuring as an intimate gesture.
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