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Chapter 57 I’ll Woo You Then

  • Feng Kaize was stunned for a few moment before he broke into a smile and said, “Are you joking with me?”
  • “No, I’m don’t joke about such things.”
  • Shang Qing’s expression was very solemn, her eyes bright in the night. But that serious tone of voice made Feng Kaize’s heart suddenly burn with anger.
  • “Are you playing with me?”
  • Shang Qing saw Feng Kaize raise his eyebrows slightly and she knew he was going to blow his top, so she put two fingers on his lips to stop him.
  • “I’m not playing with you. Those things I said to you today while I was in a daze weren’t lies to cheat you. I did like you before, no, the word ‘like’ is not sufficient. You were the only reason why I continued living, and I loved you deeply…”
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