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Chapter 82 Tearing up the Contract

  • Shang Qing’s words left Lin Yishu battered all over – every statement from Shang Qing was peeling a layer of skin off her face, making her face sting with pain, and she really wanted to hide herself in a hole now.
  • “Such audacity!” Lin Ming heard the report from his servant and ran over to the main hall even though he wasn’t done changing. Rage was written all over his face.
  • “Do you think I’m dead? How dare you say such things in my own house!”
  • Lin Ming was followed closely by Lin Hanshi, who lifted his hand to slap Lin Wenfeng, but didn’t slap him in the end.
  • “What’s wrong with you? You let someone bully your aunt like that?!”
  • Lin Wenfeng had seen enough to know what sort of person Lin Yishu really was, and suddenly he felt deep disappointment in his family. His expression grew complex as he asked in a soft voice, “Isn’t Shang Qing my cousin?”
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