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Chapter 187 Shang Qianqian Is Coming Back

  • Feng Kaize froze. He didn’t expect to be found out so quickly.
  • After being infected, he should have been able to survive for only a month, because the K virus was a very destructive one. So even though Shang Qing had forcibly blocked off much of the K virus’ destructive nature, it would not give up so easily, and would actually become even worse over time.
  • Shang Qing had told him before that even if he exercised, ate medicine and went through treatment everyday, his body would still continue to deteriorate. He would eventually face problems like shrinking of his muscles, his immunity would weaken etc. There was no way out of this besides actually getting rid of the virus.
  • He could even lose the use of his limbs, and worse still, his skin might become red and swollen, start to rot, and eventually even a drop of rain on his body would be as painful as being shot by a bullet, then finally he will lose even the ability to feel pain and live like a zombie.
  • So Feng Kaize was already prepared for the changes in his body.
  • In front of Shang Qing, he always tried to appear as normal as possible. But in reality, even though he wanted to walk with large strides like he always did, his legs felt like they were being torn apart, as if the bones were being shaved down by a knife, and every step he took felt like he was walking on knives. He was only able to walk without any change in expression in front of Shang Qing.
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