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Chapter 107 The Luckiest Outcome

  • Shang Qing continued to bite him for a while more before slowly sitting up. She calmly checked his pulse and confirmed that he was definitely dead.
  • She relaxed and felt pain everywhere in her body. It was only now that the fact that she had killed someone hit her. She had killed someone.
  • Earlier she was just running for her life, and the only thing that ran through her head was that she must not die!
  • Everything she did was to make sure she didn’t die, but now that all the men who were running after her were dead, she finally remembered how she killed them all.
  • She smashed the first man’s head, twisted the second man’s neck, fired a gunshot at the third one and bit the last one to death…
  • Throughout this entire process, she didn’t feel any fear, terror or even guilt.
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