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Chapter 122 First Place

  • She told Shang Baiqi that Feng Kaize had been injured and she wanted to take care of him since she knew a bit of medicine, and also to get closer to him. Shang Baiqi was more than happy to agree to this arrangement.
  • Becoming the Feng family’s goddaughter wasn’t an urgent matter, and since Feng Kaize’s condition had just stabilized, it wasn’t possible for the Fengs to hold any sort of banquet at the moment. It was good enough that everyone involved was aware of this arrangement.
  • In the car, Shang Qing unbuttoned the first button of her shirt as she thought a little unhappily to herself. Feng Kaize had brought so much trouble to her, so perhaps she should collect a little interest from him.
  • After entering the main door of Feng Manor, Shang Qing walked right over to the beautifully built second house. This house was now reserved for Feng Kaize to recuperate, and access was restricted.
  • Feng Kaize was looking through some documents. Since his condition had stabilized and wasn’t going to die anytime now, Feng Kaize didn’t want to sit around and do nothing like a useless bum. So he took back most of the company’s operations so that his father could take a breather too.
  • He put down the documents when he saw Shang Qing walk in, but noticed that she didn’t look too happy. Feng Kaize immediately figured that she must have run into some trouble at school…
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