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Chapter 24 Fallen For Someone Else

  • Shang Qing didn’t respond, quietly pulling his ankle up.
  • Her palms became warm and she placed them on two acupoints of his ankle, massaging as she said, “You’re looking for someone to treat your younger brother?”
  • Sikong Jin was startled and pulled out another dagger from his back, aiming it at Shang Qing.
  • But Shang Qing was faster than him, and she used her hands to give a good twist. The loud snap of the bones being snapped back into place was heard, and the pain made Sikong Jin take a breath of cold air, giving Shang Qing time to take away his dagger. She raised her eyebrows and said cheekily, “You have quite a number of weapons on you huh…”
  • “Who the hell are you!” Sikong Jin glared at her, trying hard to endure the pain.
  • There were very few people who knew about his younger brother, how could she have known?!
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