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Chapter 136 So Angry She Puked Blood

  • The voices around her continued to increase in volume. There were those talking about how coldblooded Shang Qing was, and then there were those who tried to persuade Shang Qing to forgive Yue Mengru. Because of Shang Qing’s status, the school and teachers didn’t interfere, but they sent a teacher to tell Shang Qing not to make it too difficult for the school, and that they could settle this outside.
  • Shang Qing finally nodded with some annoyance and walked towards Yue Mengru.
  • The hate in Yue Mengru’s heart had reached its limit! But when she saw Shang Qing walking towards her, she put on a hopeful expression and was as humble as she could be.
  • She thought Shang Qing was going to help her up and tell her that she was forgiven. Everyone else thought the same way.
  • But Shang Qing bent down and reached a hand out not to help her up, but just to hold up Yue Mengru’s chin.
  • Yue Mengru froze as she met Shang Qing’s eyes.
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