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Chapter 166 Got Some Clues

  • By the time Shang Qing could smell the porridge and the noodles, there were plenty of people crowding around their camp already.
  • Because there were soldiers with guns, all of them didn’t dare to snatch and obediently stood in line.
  • Shang Qing then secretly poured one tube of medicine into the porridge and told the people getting food that the porridge was for those who were ill because their bodies were weak and dehydrated, and the healthy ones could have the noodles.
  • Everyone listened to her instructions obediently. After getting the food, they immediately finished their noodles and brought the porridge back.
  • After making a phone call, Huang Bowen walked over to Shang Qing. “Young Mistress, I’ve already made a call to the government. They’re very grateful for our kindness and they said that they’re willing to donate some food over as well.”
  • Actually the local government was probably cursing them for doing something unnecessary, since all the healthy people had access to food, and those who didn’t were either ill or were family members of the sick. Basically they were a high risk group and the government had given up on them. But since Shang Qing had contributed food, then it looked bad if they didn’t.
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