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Chapter 118 God Defying Medical Technique

  • Feng Kaize was now solely in the hands of Shang Qing. She asked how he felt after the first round of acupuncture, “How do you feel?”
  • Feng Kaize nodded. His handsome pale face had a little more color than usual.
  • “I’m feeling good.” Actually Feng Kaize didn’t really feel anything, but as long as Shang Qing was around, he didn’t feel awful anywhere at all.
  • Shang Qing twisted her mouth, while Li Wanying asked with concern, “Qingqing, do you really have a way to… extend Kaize’s life?”
  • Shang Qing nodded, “Yes I have a way.”
  • She sat by Feng Kaize’s bed and explained slowly to Li Wanying, “The techniques I’ve practiced since I was young is able to create Qi. So this method makes use of a special sort of acupuncture technique where the Qi in my body can be transferred to a patient via a needle. With the addition of other acupuncture techniques to combine my Qi with the patient’s body, this will lengthen the patient’s lifespan. The only troublesome part is that I have to do this every three days.
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