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Chapter 221 Before One Wave Calms Down Another Wave Comes

  • In the corner of the hall, Yue Mengru’s mother, Bai Qing, frantically destroyed the fabric and paper strip in her hands, but her heart was still pounding. She knew that she couldn’t take these things out and she didn’t dare to continue holding onto them either. Pushing that woman just now had required all the courage she had! Her hand was trembling even when she made the phone call.
  • “That bowl of water is problematic? But hasn’t Feng Kaize already made it through one month?” Wan Hong mumbled to himself.
  • “I don’t know what’s going on either! The Fengs wouldn’t know I was the one who did it, right? We’ve agreed already! If the Fengs find out, you can’t tell on me!”
  • Bai Qing reminded him of this a few more times, but Wan Hong wasn’t listening anymore.
  • So was Feng Kaize well or not? If he wasn’t, then how could he attend a banquet like a normal person? But if he was well, then why would they have to pull tricks during the blood test?
  • After he thought about some of the things that Wan Shaolun said before he died, Wan Hong, who was still ill and weak, suddenly had a thought in his mind!
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