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Chapter 153 You Just Didn’t Like Me

  • Feng Kaize’s personality was really very extreme. Previously he hated any memories of her and all the unhappy memories of her had been replaced by all the sweet memories of their time together after he fell in love with her. It made him want to punch his past self a few times! How could he have treated Qingqing like that in the past? He must have been blind!
  • Suddenly Shang Qing tripped over a rock that was sticking out, and Feng Kaize rushed over to help her up.
  • Shang Qing was drunk and her limbs didn’t really listen to her anymore. Feng Kaize was more than happy for the chance to be close to her and held onto her as they slowly made their way towards where the small wooden hut used to be.
  • The sun shone through the forest and it was silent around them, save for the occasional bird chirping sounds.
  • Shang Qing was really drunk. Her eyes shone bright as she looked at the bamboos, and then at Feng Kaize, who had no idea what was going through her mind at all.
  • Feng Kaize suddenly realized that Shang Qing had become like that time when she was drugged. It was as if she had become who she used to be. So perhaps after getting drunk, her fierce personality would disappear and her original personality would surface?
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