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Chapter 133 Coming to Beg Her

  • “Qingqing is fine and the Fengs will not treat her badly so you don’t have to worry. As the head of the family, you should focus on your company, so don’t visit her if you don’t have to,” Feng Kaize told Shang Baiqi in an arrogant and mildly annoyed manner.
  • Shang Baiqi was still feeling alright with the first half, but the last bit made his smile freeze on his face. Shang Qing was still his daughter, right? Right?
  • “Yes… alright then, I’ll leave Qingqing in your care.”
  • He wasn’t willing to, but Shang Baiqi went along with it and agreed. Feng Kaize was satisfied with how Shang Baiqi agreed quickly without attempting to negotiate or wriggle his way out.
  • “Very good. From now on, don’t have any dealings with the Lins, the Wans or any of their affiliated companies. If you need to, just do business directly with the Fengs.”
  • Feng Kaize put his request across very directly because he knew that if he wasn’t aggressive enough, Shang Baiqi would definitely be cheated.
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