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Chapter 21 I Have Nothing To Do With You

  • Li Yishu mocked her loudly in anger, “What has that got to do with you? You think you could threaten me forever with that? You can sleep outside tonight! Anyway you’re dressed so slutty, there’ll be plenty of lechers out there who will take you in!”
  • Lin Yishu then slammed the door in her face, as Shang Qing had expected. She had already anticipated that she wouldn’t be able to even get past the front door.
  • Shang Qing turned her head to see Lin Wenfeng with mixed feelings written all over his face and smiled, “My dear cousin, looks like I have to trouble you to send me to a hotel.”
  • Lin Wenfeng immediately lost his temper, “You mean my aunt usually treats you like that? She shouldn’t treat you like that! She…this is…I’m going to knock some sense into her!”
  • Shang Qing pulled him back, her expression very calm under the dim light of the streetlamps and the slight drizzle. She didn’t appear angry at all, only a little tired. “Don’t give me any trouble. If she knows I purposely let you hear all that, I won’t just get chased out of the house.”
  • She was not strong enough to fight everyone on Lin Yishu’s side, but one day she would finish all of them off.
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