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Chapter 84 The Greatest Humiliation of the Lins

  • Everyone was caught by surprise.
  • Was that Young Master Feng? He was somebody who didn’t even attend his own family’s functions, so what was he doing at the Lins?
  • Even Shang Qing was surprised. Wasn’t Feng Kaize very busy? What was he doing here?
  • Lin Hanshi dare not slap Shang Qing in front of Feng Kaize.
  • Feng Kaize walked towards him with large strides, pushing himself between both of them and pulled Shang Qing into his arms, and stared at Lin Hanshi with unfriendliness in his eyes. “Why? You want to hit her? Do you know who she is?”
  • Feng Kaize’s intimidating presence enabled the four men who came in with him to glare fiercely at Lin Hanshi, all of them ready to kill, and the temperature in the hall hit freezing point.
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