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Chapter 81 Exposing the Rumors along The Way

  • “Lin Yishu, I was afraid of you and the Lins, so I never defended myself against all the things you said about me to others. Now that everyone is around, let’s thrash things out now!”
  • Panic flashed in Lin Yishu’s eyes, and the host of the day’s event had finally come over to see what was happening. When he saw Shang Qing, Lin Wenfeng hesitated for a moment but pulled her aside anyway.
  • “Shang Qing, today is an important day for the Lins. Can you settle your personal matter privately?”
  • Shang Qing pulled herself out of Lin Wenfeng’s grip and glared at him as she smiled coldly. “Settle it privately? My family is about to go bankrupt, why should I settle this privately? Do you know what your grandfather and father said to me just now? They said that if I dare to disobey Lin Yishu, your family is going to bankrupt mine! What power your family wields! I don’t know if Lin Yishu married into my family or my father married into hers! Auntie, you’d better explain this now!”
  • Shang Baiqi’s expression darkened and forgot about trying to upkeep his image. He asked with an angry face, “They…they actually said that?!”
  • Lin Wenfeng looked a little guilty – he knew that his grandfather had called everyone to the back earlier over his aunt and uncle, and actually this had happened before but he never bothered himself about it.
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