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Chapter 78 Humiliated as Usual

  • But on the surface, everyone pretended to get along well.
  • “Yishu called me earlier, she’s almost here!” said the old man’s third son – today was his son’s first month celebration.
  • Speak of the devil – Shang Baiqi and his family were brought to the back annex without explanation. When he saw that the hall was filled with a large group of people, Shang Baiqi’s eyes flickered but he still smiled and pulled his daughter along to greet them.
  • Shang Qianqian and Lin Yishu happily went to sit with the head of the Lins, as if they had found their rightful place. Meanwhile, Shang Qing and Shang Baiqi continued standing where they were, and it was very awkward for them.
  • But everyone in the house continued to smile and laugh, as if they didn’t treat anyone as an outsider and was friendly with everyone.
  • Shang Qing suddenly understood why the Lins were gathered here instead of entertaining the guests outside.
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