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Chapter 70 Medicine Meant to Kill

  • For most children with such poor constitution, they could get better after years of training and practice of martial arts, but Sikong Changsheng was so weak that his arteries weren’t completely developed, and his internal organs were a mess as a result. The fact that he could even live till today was because Sikong Jin had paid a lot of money to sustain him.
  • But to Shang Qing, this was a simple illness to treat.
  • The Qi inside of her could be called Healthy Qi, and according to the ancient medicinal books, Sikong Changsheng was lacking Healthy Qi, which made it easy for diseases to attack him. The biggest effect Shang Qing’s acupuncture technique had was to increase one’s health and drive away diseases, so Sikong Changsheng’s condition was perfect for such treatment.
  • As long as she performed a Qi Gathering Needle technique on his arteries regularly and supplemented it with some medicine, after half a year, his arteries would grow strong and healthy, his internal organs would regain their full operating potential, and his entire body would become stronger overall naturally.
  • Sikong Changsheng was a very sensitive person, so when he noticed that Shang Qing’s expression did not change while taking his pulse, he had only two conclusions: one was that she didn’t know what to do at all, or two, she knew exactly what to do.
  • Could it be the second scenario?
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