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Chapter 64 Clash Between Ice and Fire

  • Young Master Feng’s mere presence was already very pressurizing for most, and when he got angry, he could practically ignite the air with his fury.
  • But the women present were more disappointed than the men – that ring was meant for the mistress of the Feng family!
  • Someone took a glance at Wan Shaolun and couldn’t help but laugh.
  • Young Master Feng’s “You’re too ugly for me to marry” was definitely a black mark in the history of the Wans – Wan Shaolun’s pride had suffered tremendously tonight.
  • Shang Qing was now being dragged away by Feng Kaize at high speed, and she was ready to suffer the brunt of his anger.
  • It didn’t matter to her since she was not afraid of the consequences when she decided to do this. She had already decided from the beginning of this new life that she was going to do as she pleased, so what was there to be afraid of?
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