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Chapter 54 Crisis

  • Shang Qing closed her eyes for a moment. Since Sikong Jin couldn’t help her, then she was going to be in danger today.
  • When she saw the red marks on Shang Qing’s neck, Lin Yishu had to suppress the glee in her heart and she coldly remarked, “Bet you didn’t expect this right? The next head of the Wan family is in love with Qianqian! You want to fight with us all by yourself? You’re really not afraid to die, huh!
  • But I’ve grossly underestimated you – I didn’t think Li Jingmin would have been bribed by you! No wonder Qianqian and I fell into your trap. But who cares? Li Jingmin’s parents are now in our hands, who do you think he will listen to now? Just wait to go to jail, you little slut!”
  • After saying this, she tried to push Shang Qing but Shang Qing caught her hand.
  • Wan Shaolun was in love with Qianqian? So Lin Yishu was still afraid of others knowing about her ugly past!
  • The look in her eyes was very scary, chilling to the bone. But she was smiling and looked very creepy.
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