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Chapter 41 Deal With One First

  • “Why are you here?”
  • Feng Kaize saw her expression was only that of irritation, and there was no sign of looking happy to see someone she was in love with. He started to think that Shang Qing was a fantastic actress – if he hadn’t heard her say it herself, he wouldn’t have known the extent of her feelings for him.
  • He suppressed the happy bubble that was rising in his heart, and arrogantly said, “I heard you moved out to live by yourself, so I’m here to see what sort of place you’re staying in.”
  • But seriously, he was very unhappy with this apartment. It was too small and too simple – how could Shang Qing stay in such a place?
  • Shang Qing was amused by his randomness. “If you have something to say, just say it. We’re not familiar enough to chit chat about our daily lives.”
  • Feng Kaize frowned, the frown line like a crack on his handsome face.
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