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Chapter 201 Getting Married

  • “I went without telling Kaize, so after he found out, he came to DR Congo personally to bring me home, and I should actually still be there right now.”
  • She pouted a little when she said this, perfectly fulfilling the image of a mature young lady who was still sometimes cheeky.
  • “Since we have come to this point today, I have to make things clear so as to prevent further misunderstandings. I’m interested in the K virus, but I am an ordinary person after all and my knowledge of it is still very limited. That man’s guess earlier has made me sound like I know magic.
  • Kaize was indeed infected with the virus, but because we had administered the vaccine in time, he became that lucky one in a hundred. This fact alone makes me even happier than him!”
  • There was a bright spark in her eyes that shone like the stars, like there were tiny pieces of love in between the sparkles. She didn’t seem to be able to see anybody else when she looked at Feng Kaize. Some people remembered the past, and suddenly realized that Shang Qing used to look at Feng Kaize like this as well.
  • Feng Kaize felt his heart beat faster and faster as she gazed at him, and he felt that he was filled with nothing but a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of bliss!
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