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Chapter 183 A Beauty at the Door

  • It was night time and the banquet went well without any problems. The only problem was the room arrangement for the night.
  • In Feng Manor, Shang Qing stayed in the same room as Feng Kaize. In Gimor, Feng Kaize wanted to be in the same room as Shang Qing and nobody dared to say otherwise.
  • But here, Shang Qing was Feng Kaize’s godsister in name. If Feng Kaize wanted to make her his woman, then he would have announced that she was his. Since he made her a sister, then it meant that he only wanted to protect her and not marry her. In that case, they wouldn’t be given the same room.
  • When they reached the guest rooms, Feng Kaize realized this and his face turned very nasty.
  • He wanted to be in the same room as Qingqing!!
  • Shang Qing wasn’t quite sure what to do either. Feng Kaize was able to fight the virus well by himself, but his condition was special and it was best that he wasn’t left alone. So it looked like she had to leave it to Pang Qi and the rest to guard him for the night.
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