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Chapter 18 The Past Like A Needle

  • Feng Kaize tilted his head slightly, his deep set eyes bright and sharp, and even though there was irritation on his face, he still let go of the door handle in his hands.
  • For some reason, even though Feng Kaize was willing to listen to her calmly, she suddenly felt this bitterness in her heart.
  • “Firstly, the biggest reason why you hate me is because you were drugged about five months ago, right?”
  • Shang Qing remained seated at the desk and spoke calmly. She was facing Feng Kaize, but did not look at him.
  • Feng Kaize considered this a taint on his life and started to frown, but before he could respond, Shang Qing looked up and said, “It wasn’t me.”
  • The meaning of her words were very plain, and Feng Kaize suddenly found himself believing her.
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