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Chapter 175 Catching an Easy Prey

  • After they had hidden themselves well, Shang Qing could hear the gunshots coming nearer and nearer. She smiled, “Prepare to surround them. The moment Chaderva gives the signal, we’ll attack!”
  • Sikong Jin nodded and then saw a group of men barge in. Wan Shaolun’s side was left with sixteen men, while the mercenaries were left with seven or eight men.
  • When they reached the cave with several different passageways, Chaderva knew that this was his chance!
  • “Bloody fool, Wan Shaolun, you’ve fallen for a trap!”
  • Wan Shaolun, who had been protected all the way in, got a shock! He turned around and thought to himself that was impossible, because the men on guard outside had not sent any news and it meant that nobody had come in…
  • Suddenly a thought hit him! Had these mercenaries struck a deal with Shang Qing?!
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