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Chapter 171 Liking Someone Will Become a Habit Too

  • It was meaningless to bring the corpse back, so Shang Qing decided to bury him in the forest.
  • Rupert had become much quieter on the way back, as if he had matured in one day. But many people wouldn’t want this sort of maturing process.
  • Pang Long sighed as he felt how scary Shang Qing was once more…no, it wasn’t right to say that she was scary. She was just able to see reality very clearly.
  • Love didn’t come cheap in this world, but there were many things that didn’t go the way man wanted things to go. Just like how all parents wanted to give their children the best, but they didn’t have the means to, so could you blame them for that? You couldn’t. But could you not blame them? They have a responsibility that they cannot shirk…in short, as long as you don’t live under the most favorable conditions, you needed to have a strong heart in order to become a strong person.
  • By the time they got back, Sikong Jin had arrived. The moment he spotted Shang Qing, the eyes behind his glasses lit up and he stood up. His well ironed suit and other fine details showed how he was a very successful businessman, and his long narrow eyes carried a tinge of danger, making him particularly attractive to women.
  • “It’s so hard to see you,” Sikong Jin scoffed unhappily. He was also someone that people lined up to meet with, but he had been actually sitting here for three hours waiting for Shang Qing.
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