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Chapter 161 Lucky Day

  • Shang Qing just felt that he was being annoying. She pulled herself off him and snuggled in the blanket. She didn’t want to see him anymore!
  • But Feng Kaize felt the best in the two hours after the acupuncture, plus he could spend his birthday with someone he liked, so he wasn’t going to let her off at all.
  • “Say it!” He cheekily tickled her, “Say it’s for my sake, and I’ll let you off!”
  • Shang Qing’s body tensed up for a while, but then she didn’t react to any of his tickling, as if all her nerves were dead.
  • Feng Kaize raised an eyebrow. That was strange. Qingqing used to be very afraid of tickles.
  • Under the blanket, since Feng Kaize refused to stop, Shang Qing wasn’t able to sleep either. When she finally couldn’t stand it anymore, she grabbed his hand and pressed him against the bed.
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