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Chapter 152 You Have to Drink on Your Birthday

  • After she finished that shot, Feng Kaize poured another glass from the huge variety he had on the table and sniffed it. His sniffing action itself was elegant and classy, as if this charisma came from the inside, and he was born with it.
  • “Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky, fragrant and fine. Want to have a try?”
  • Perhaps because she had been overwhelmed by the strong liquor, Shang Qing actually felt her throat go dry when he smiled at her. She took the glass from him, and even though one glass didn’t hold a lot, she didn’t drink it down in one shot and only sipped it to taste.
  • “Are these liquors your personal collection?” she couldn’t help but ask.
  • Feng Kaize shook his head as arrogance appeared in his eyes, “No, I don’t drink much myself, but many people send liquor as a gift every year. The Fengs have their own distillery and wine press, so the cellar in Feng Manor has never had a shortage of good liquor, and there’s no need for me to own a private collection.”
  • These words revealed the status and standing of the Fengs. Anyone who carried this surname had the right to be arrogant.
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