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Chapter 147 Young Master Is No Longer Calm

  • In some way, Shang Qianqian had thicker skin than Yue Mengru. She didn’t puke blood from anger, but she was nearly there. After Shang Qing said all that, she couldn’t even cry anymore, and it was even more awkward to just sit there.
  • Shang Qing looked at the hapless Shang Baiqi, and then kindly said to the dean, “They’re very emotional now, so I think it’s better to send them to the office and let them calm down over a cup of tea first. I still have class, so I’ll be off now, sorry to trouble you.”
  • The dean nodded profusely, “Oh no, not at all, that’s just what I should be doing!”
  • Shang Qing met Shang Baiqi’s gaze one last time and saw all the mixed emotions in his eyes. But she didn’t say anything and left.
  • Perhaps Shang Baiqi needed advice from someone right now. Everything that happened today was too much of a blow to someone who cared about reputation above everything like him.
  • In some way, Shang Qing had given him something to be very proud of, but at the same time, Shang Qing had made things awkward for him. Even though Shang Qing was sympathetic towards Shang Baiqi because of what eventually happened to him in her previous life, and she was working hard to help him avoid the same fate in this life, she had already lost any intention to be a good daughter.
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