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Chapter 141 Homework Thief

  • Soon enough, the exam results came out, and of course Shang Qing came out top of the class! She did better in the subjects she was minoring in than those students who actually majored in it, and everyone couldn’t stop talking about this genius with a crazy IQ, their voices filled with tremendous envy.
  • Then Professor Li gave Shang Qing a call, “Qingqing, why haven’t you handed in your research homework yet? You have to hurry because the deadline is tomorrow. If you miss the deadline, it won’t count and even if your exam results are excellent, you won’t get into the direct PhD class. So hurry!”
  • Shang Qing was surprised. She had gotten Yu Tangtang to hand it in on the first day of the exams!
  • Could Tangtang have…?
  • Shang Qing shook her head. She hadn’t known Tangtang for a long time, but her simplicity and innocence were very evident and she couldn’t have done something like that. So she went looking for Yu Tangtang with some suspicion in her mind.
  • Yu Tangtang’s eyes grew wide when she heard what Shang Qing said.
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