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Chapter 127 Stepped On Again and Again

  • Shang Qianqian felt that her mother was right. She wiped off the annoyance on her face and looked back at Feng Kaize. She suddenly found that all the opulent décor of the hall still paled in comparison to Feng Kaize. So if she could get the favor of Young Master Feng, she would have succeeded in this life.
  • The Yues had the same thoughts as them.
  • Yue Mengru had a nasty expression on her face, but her mother was very positive, “This is wonderful news: that stupid engagement has finally been called off! My daughter is so outstanding and so close to Young Master Feng, so the position of Young Mistress is definitely Mengru’s!”
  • But Yue Mengru’s father was more rational.
  • “That’s not guaranteed. Young Master Feng is no longer engaged, but the other eligible ladies would also be trying their luck. At least when he was engaged, our daughter didn’t have competition and could slowly go through with her plans.”
  • Yue Mengru scanned the crowd and found that there were indeed many people looking at Feng Kaize with bright eyes.
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