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Chapter 106 Explosion

  • “None with your uncle?”
  • “My uncle hasn’t given up on being the leader of Libya, so he doesn’t want anything to do with the K virus…” Otherwise, what would be the point of leading a country filled with nothing but dead bodies?
  • Feng Kaize was very satisfied by how honest Uriket was, but at the same time he felt deeply disgusted. Even the leader of the rebel troops knew there were some things that crossed the line, but this man here had lost all conscience!
  • Feng Kaize threw Uriket over to Youheng who was standing behind him.
  • “Pass a message to the troops to tell them about the explosives. Evacuate as many people as possible within the next half an hour.”
  • “Also, I’ll leave this man with you. Force him to tell you the passcode! If he doesn’t say it, then after the explosives blow up, there’s no point in keeping him alive. The rest, come with me!”
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