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Chapter 99 We should focus on the baby

  • The next morning Triffany woke up and saw Carlos by her side, she lay on his arms like it was a pillow and his hand were cuddling her, she looks up at the face of her handsome husband who was still asleep.
  • After having dinner last night, we didn't have any other discussion, he had taken his bath and lay on the bed, even when she wanted to say something, he had told her that she looks tired and that they will talk in the morning.
  • She leans closer to the warm arm of her husband, she also didn't tell him about her pregnancy last night, she wishes everything will go back to normal, she wishes everything will go back to when she did not meet Jimmy.
  • If Jimmy had not come back then all these things wouldn't have happened, then she would still be happy with Carlos, she doesn't even know what Carlos was thinking anymore, but she also knows he won't stay still.
  • She was about to sob when she pressed her lips together to stop herself from crying if she does Carlos will hear her, he had told her to forget everything, but how can she act as nothing had happened, this will all be a clash.
  • Triffany gently moves to get up but, her little movement seem to awake Carlos, he made a little move and open his eyes as she closed her eyes immediately, not knowing that he had already noticed she was awake.
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