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Chapter 63 Real couple

  • Triffany woke up from hearing some sound, she looked in the direction of the door where it was
  • ring if Carlos was there.
  • She knew he had warned her not to come to that room, but she had to find out what was wrong. She slowly turned the knob and there she found Carlos holding the picture with his face buried in his arms, crying.
  • She entered without his notice. "Carlos.." He looked up when he heard her voice and immediately wipe off the tears in his eyes. "What's wrong?" This was the first time she had ever seen him in tears.
  • "Why are you here?" He asked her, but she walked even closer to him. "You should be in here."
  • She looked down at his hands and saw the picture he was holding. "Is that your parents?" She pointed at the people in the picture.
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