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Chapter 116 Crushed

  • She glance at her wrist watch and remember his words of coming to get her in one hour, she pressed her lips together, sure he always keeps his promise, she only have to try her luck with Jimmy until that time runs out, then Carlos will be here and she will be safe.
  • It was until now that she realized that she was always safe when she was with Carlos, the memories of him taking her to his mansion when she was drunk, even when they hated themselves came to her mind.
  • She wanted to smile when she thought of that, but looking up at Jimmy's cold face, she came back to reality, she was with a man who want nothing but to suffer her and know one knows where she was.
  • "I..."
  • "Do you see her?" Jimmy cuts her off before she can even say a word and she looked at the tombstone he was pointing at and fear envelope her, now she was wondering what he would do or say.
  • "She is dead now." He told her coldly and indifferently, Triffany turn my eyes at him, already aware of what he would say next. "Now, it is time for you to fulfil your promise."
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