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Chapter 112 Leave it for the master of the game

  • Carlos wonder what had actually happened to make her act this way. "What happened here?" He asked her.
  • Triffany looked left and right. "She is here." Triffany mumbled what Carlos can't hear. "She is here." She said again and she stare up at Carlos.
  • "Who are you talking about?" He asked her and Triffany pushed his hands away and rush over to the next room, Carlos stood still for a while before going after her.
  • When he came into the room, he saw Triffany standing still and looking at the bed. "What is wrong Triffany?" He asked her and then he turn his eyes to the bed.
  • "She was right here." Triffany pointed at the bed and Carlos look at Triffany with a confused expression, her face was pale and her eyes were filled with tears.
  • "Who was here?"
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