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Chapter 100 Head start

  • "Carlos." She called his name and he stopped talking and looked at her. "First, no one is taking a nine month break to look after me, pregnant ladies do go to work too, and climb up a stairs and also it's still too early to make all these plans."
  • Carlos smile and sat up. "Okay, I won't stay at home for that long, but you have to." Triffany looked at him sharply, wondering what he was trying to say, but Carlos already understand what she was about to say. "You have to take care of your health Triffany."
  • He held her hands and stare into her eyes. "I won't let you work this time, so do not argue, if I won't stay and watch you, Gabby will also if you wish to stay up here, I will have to carry you whenever you want to climb the stairs." Carlos kissed her lips.
  • "I love you Triffany and I won't let you hurt yourself or our baby." His words were so heart-warming, but something in his word made her realise that he was talking about Jimmy, he will protect her from Jimmy and also now she was having a child.
  • Triffany gently open her eyes the next morning, the quilt was over her shoulder like she had been well taken care of last night, she couldn't remember when she slept last night, but she remember laying on Carlos arms.
  • She turn to her side and found out that Carlos was not on bed, she looked at the time, it was past nine in the morning, she quickly got up, how have she overslept this way, sure enough Carlos must have left for work.
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