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Chapter 80 Do you love me that much?

  • As Triffany left the office Carlos pulls Kelsey away from him. "What the heck are you doing now?" He asked coldly with a frown.
  • "Hugging you." She said simply.
  • "You're unbelievable!" He scorns. "Kelsey, how can you show yourself to me after what happened?" He asked as he put his hands into his pocket, just the sight of her makes him angry.
  • Until today he has not forgotten the words he heard her say at her company and how she displayed in pretences at the hospital.
  • "I am sorry Carlos," Kelsey said sincerely. She has thought everything through, she knew she was wrong in a lot of ways, she has hurt him and she was deeply sorry.
  • "No. Sorry can't bring back the love I had for you." Hearing him say it in the past tense, she knew he has wiped her off from his memories.
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