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Chapter 85 Come to my world

  • Triffany and Carlos arrived home and the garden was a sight to see. Triffany gasped as she looked at the decoration and people she wasn’t expecting to see the place so filled with people she thought won’t show up.
  • Carlos smiled to see her surprised gaze as Gabby approach them. “Happy birthday Triffany, how do you like the surprise?” She asked with a smile.”
  • Triffany smiled. “Thank you, Gabby I am so excited.” Allison and Nick waved her over as she approached them with Joy.
  • “Happy birthday, girl.” Allison told her and embraced her.
  • “Thank you, Allison.” She smiled, so happy that they got to come.
  • “Happy birthday cousin.” Nick told her and embraced her. Triffany smile, at least he was not being his normal asshole self.
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